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Electropalane cablu VM

Electropalane cablu VM

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EUROBLOC VM ESSENTIAL - Electropalane cu cablu pentru sarcini cuprinse intre 2,000 si 20,000 kg.

Techical caracteristics

Safety- Electro mecanical load limiter deliver as standard (Mandatory equipment according “Machinery“ directive).
- Hoisting limit switch.
- 2 travelling speed.
- Galvanized wire rope, high safety factor (Coef. 4,6 in 2m group).
- 2 step travelling limit switch.
- IP 55 protection on electric cubicle, oversize dimensions to place and protect all components.
- Low voltage control (48 V) for higher safety.
- Rotating hook with safety latch.
- Complete documentation pack (hoist test certificate, hook and wire rope certificate, electric diagram, CE certificate).
Savings (use/maintenance)
- 2 travelling and hoisting speed to optimize your production process.
- Lifting brake designed for hoist unit lifetime in normal use.
- Lifetime lubricated lifting gear box.
- Electric cubicle offer easy access and optimize opening for maintenance operation. Cable entry are operate by plug in connector under the cubicle.
- Lifetime lubricated travelling gear box.
- Rope guide built “without spring” so that it can be more easily replaced during maintenance.
- Very high performance for difficult environments.
- Modular assembly concept to reduce number of spare parts.
- Surface treatment. 2 components epoxy paint with 120? for greater protection.
- Hoisting motor. 60 % operating factor and tropicalized as a standard for greater longevity.
- Bearing of hook and hook block are lifetime lubricated. Pulley made from GGG cast iron.
- A very high wire rope / drum diameter ratio which increases the longevity of the wire rope.
- Control by pendant or radio emitter.
Hoist conception
- Reduces the approach data of the hoist.
- Reduces the “C” approach data of the hook. Reduce lateral motion of the hook when lifting.
- Optimal positioning of steering rollers to share the load in order to optimize your tracks.
- Available only in low headroom trolley and double girder trolley construction.
Options available

- Lifting limit switch activate by hook block.
- Overload indication by lighting or audible signal.
- Variable speed for travelling.


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